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Explore Egyptian Sekhem Healing

Explore a high vibration healing energy similar to Reiki, but channeled at a much higher frequency.

Egyptian Sekhem is an ancient form of healing taught in the Egyptian Mystery Schools held in the temples of ancient Egypt. It is a higher state of consciousness that assists you to:

• Connect with your Soul.
• Gently raise your vibration.
• Heal at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.
• Transmute lower level energy which no longer serves you.
• Bring positive, balanced, loving change to all areas of your life.
• Receive a loving, gentle, calm, grounding healing.

Sekhem means Power of Powers and channels in a high frequency of Universal Healing Energy. Sekhem in associated with Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, who is a protective, loving, powerful healer.

Explore and experience an ancient healing modality.
* Receive a group healing.
* Relax in a guided channeled meditation with Goddess Sekhmet.
* Release stress and long held emotions.
* Balance and open your Chakras.
* Ground and clear your energy.
* Learn the beneficial aspects of Sekhem Healing in our modern day life.

$20—Email to register
Interested in becoming a certified Sekhem Healing practitioner? Please email me!

Juliet Carrillo has connected with the spirit and animal worlds, through dreams, visions and messages, since early childhood. She is an Angelic Reiki Master, Egyptian Sekhem Healer, Usui Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, Metatronia Therapy Practitioner, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Diamond Light Practitioner, Oracle and Angel Card Reader, Intuitive Counselor, Full Body Channel and Animal Communicator.

It is Juliet’s absolute joy to help you reconnect with your Soul’s purpose and innate wisdom. She will guide you through healing at your emotional, physical, spiritual and Soul level. She receives intuitive messages and visions with her healing sessions, providing guidance and insights that she will share with you. Juliet will assist you with connecting with your intuition and gain access to your innate wisdom. She will support you with learning how to hear your Angels and Guides, receive their messages and move forward on your path in a positive way.

Juliet teaches Angelic Reiki and Egyptian Sekhem Healing classes and holds workshops on exploring the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School teachings, Egyptian Spiritual Alchemy and provides channeled meditations from Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet for heart healing inner journeys that will connect you with different sacred sites and healing energies of Mother Egypt. She leads annual private spiritual journeys to Egypt with an experienced Egyptian Egyptologist. She is also available for private in person, long distance or zoom conference sessions.



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