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Collective Coworking

Tired of working alone at home or going to coffee shops?

Would you like to have some **intentional** coworking in a warm, relaxed setting with others who are also authentic and down to earth? Join us for Collective Coworking. Our introductory offering was quite a success so we’re doing it again!

WHO IT'S FOR: Spiritually-minded and conscious professionals, coaches, holistic practitioners, healers, and others who want to make a difference.

HOW IT WORKS: Ideally, arrive at noon (or anytime 11:45-12), so that we can start as a group. (Coming late is also fine, but being there at the start is great if possible.)

1) We'll begin with a short exercise to get connected with those around you, and then set intentions and get focused.
2) Starting around 12:15, we'll work in 45-minute blocks, and take breaks to connect, stretch and even do some group brainstorming if desired.
3) While you're not required to stay the whole time, we'll do a short close at the end, and celebrate what we achieved.

PROVIDED: Tea, coffee, structured water and a few snacks.
BRING: You're invited to bring your own lunch or snacks with you, to eat when you like.
WEAR: Whatever is comfortable, that you'd like to work in.


ABOUT THE FACILITATOR: Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA, the creator of Connection Jams, has been leading workshops and coaching for over 20 years, and teaching conscious networking since 2010. He has coached and taught workshops to thousands, focusing on self-expression, public speaking, personal growth and "the performance of your life." The founder of WholeSpeak, LLC, he spends his time teaching how to show up in life and on stage with authenticity, power, and dynamic presence, and has a mission to help our world heal the wounds of disconnection. Jonathan is also a professional theatre director, actor and writer, and holds an MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance and a Master's in Performance Studies and Speech Communication. Learn more at, or access his free course on speaking with authenticity, power and presence: