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Navigating Safely Through the Chaos Years


The response to last November’s half-day workshop, “Letting Go to Move Forward in Gratitude” was so overwhelmingly positive that our Guides asked us to expand it into a full-day workshop that allows us to go deeper into every topic. Many of you were sad to miss it and asked when we would be doing it again and this is our response. Bigger and better!

The chaos years are from 2017 to 2023, and if the first two years are anything to go by, we will need to quickly get out of denial into accepting what is, showing up in our grounding and centering and refusing to feel powerless or to merge with the hopelessness and fear inherent in chaos.

The chaos years are hallmarked by a destabilization of outdated systems, volatility, revolution, a deletion of 3D timelines, and a complete break from the past.

Have you been feeling:

  • Like you cannot do the old things anymore and not suffer?

  • Losing touch with time as we’ve known it??

  • Dismayed about the state of the world and our country?

  • Uncertain about what the future holds?

Would you like to:

  • Have a radical conversation in safety about what’s happening globally, locally and personally?

  • Participate in a Spontaneous Transformation with our 20 Ascended Master Guides?

  • Receive practical tips and techniques to navigate safely through the next 4 years?

  • Reframe your deepest concerns so that you can hold them lightly?

  • Gain clarity about what truly matters?

  • Make your contribution to the Shift of the Ages?

  • Spend a high-frequency day with like-minded beings/your tribe?

If you resonate with this call to action, we invite you to come join us! And, to bring your friends – men are welcome!

Pre-Registration Price – $108
Regular price $147 (at the door)

Karen and Aimée of What Truly Matters are uniquely qualified to be your most trusted advisers, creative muses and business experts. They have as many years as corporate executives as they do as entrepreneurs working in the field of metaphysical healing. This exceptional combination of skills and experience allows clients to bypass years of business education and therapy and quantum leap to success and fulfillment.

Both are charismatic, articulate and accomplished mentors, speakers, teachers and facilitators. They enjoy track records in client and employee satisfaction, customer service and sales, hotel and spa management. Their Facilitating Self Discovery Coaching program empowers employees to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own performance. In addition to their established business expertise, they channel the wisdom and guidance of 20 Ascended Masters.

Clients are truly amazed at the breadth and depth of their work, and at how quickly change can be integrated and translated into bottom line results with their Strategic Business Rejuvenation work, as well as much can be accomplished within a single session of their private mentoring. What’s even more exciting is that results are sustainable.

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