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Speaking your truth from the Boardroom to the Bedroom.

This workshop is designed to help identify barriers in communication with others when there are high emotions in business and in intimate relationships.

If you find yourself:

  • Avoiding talking about important subjects 

  • Becoming reactive when attempting to be vulnerable

  • Steamrolling your partner/kids/coworkers in conversation out of fear you won't be heard otherwise

  • Losing your powerful voice in intimate relationships

  • Backing down despite feeling strongly about something

  • Struggling to articulate your needs/desires clearly

Come play and learn to engage your Wild Feminine Superpowers so that you can communicate with power, influence, impact, authenticity and heart in ANY situation.

You will begin to explore your own personal communication patterns when highly emotional. 

You will leave with a game plan for speaking your truth in situations where you have been struggling to express yourself effectively, powerfully and honestly.

$99 tickets still available,  call: 707-387-0167 or email: Scholarships available, by arrangement.