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Anxiety Relief for Highly Sensitive People Using Essential Oils and other Natural Methods

If you are highly sensitive you have likely struggled with anxiety in one form or another your whole life—it’s probably felt like a gift and a curse for you. But did you know that you can actually ENJOY and maximize the benefits of your sensitivity WITHOUT having anxiety run the show? And you can get there with entirely natural, low-cost methods, quickly, easily and effectively.

  • The simple changes you can make in your life so that anxiety easily becomes a thing of the past (even if you’ve tried therapy, medication and affirmations, and none of it has really helped).

  • What to do to stop a panic attack in its tracks, and how to deal with obsessive fears and disaster thinking.

  • Which natural methods work best and how to use them.

This is a FREE class, open to anyone who would like natural relief from anxiety... you don’t have to know for certain that you’re highly sensitive (though if you’re pondering the question you probably are!).

Terri Beuthin is a HSP who struggled with anxiety her whole life before embarking on her own healing journey, developing the tools to help others along the way. She is a certified Life, Parenting and Family coach and a Doterra Wellness Advocate specializing in helping Highly Sensitive People around the world connect to their inner compass and create thriving, anxiety-free lives.

Please bring a notebook and any snacks/drinks you need to be able to focus and be comfortable. (Tea and structured water are complimentary onsite.)