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Solstice Sacred Music Activation with Michael Zeligs & Annie Sea

Join your community in sacred ceremony with Acoustic soul Anthems, as we dance and celebrate the power of music for transformation, led by west-coast soul singers Michael Zeligs and Annie Sea!

About Michael Zeligs -
Michael’s voice carries harmony, texture, and meaning, making spiritual principles available through song for healing and transformation. His compositions intertwine deep groove afro rhythms, with gentle atmospheric sounds and group Kirtan style audience voice chorus, carrying us into a state of heightened awareness and communal celebration. All this layered with folk story of the Americana west, emotion, and evoking the mystery of ancient traditions of Yoga, Philosophy, and High Magic.

About Annie Sea -
Once a secretive songwriter, Annie began sharing her music after partial vision loss derailed her career as an environmental microbiologist. Her writing reflects her belief that we can collectively return to more sustainable way of living as well as her individual journey toward her true vision and purpose. She sings socially-conscious ,acoustic soul-anthems to energize and empower her audience. Whether she is leading a band or weaving a solo live looped soundscape, her velvet voice and lively melodies deliver compelling stories of transformation.

$10-$20 Suggested, $20 includes a CD of your choice! At the door or venmo @michael-zeligs