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Accepting Yourself

We are inundated with images in advertising, telling us that we will only be happy if we use a specified product, which will undoubtedly make us look just like the model presented in the ad. The problem is that the model, on her best day, can’t look like the image they present, because of the widespread practice of “Photoshop Surgery”. We are set up to fail, because no one looks like the images we are presented: the “perfect” woman.

The truth of the matter is that we are perfect—perfect in our imperfection. Each one of us was born with unique beauty; no one else can be just like you. In this workshop you will receive:

·         Breakthrough exercises

·         Tools for self-acceptance

·         Guided meditation

·         Workbook to use at home

·         Light, healthy snacks and water will be provided.

Angela Legh is an Author and Entrepreneur who has long been fascinated with self-esteem and how it affects the way a woman presents herself to the world. Angela has watched women blossom once they have become comfortable with the way they look.

$147 Fee; $10 collected at registration, remainder paid at the end of the workshop.

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