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Witnessed is a space for women to express their desires, their struggles , their strengths, and to be witnessed in it all.

We desperately need spaces where we can drop the masks, the facades, the masculine energy we are surrounded with and just...BE. We also need spaces where we can support rather than compete with each other. A space to explore our judgments of others (which are really reflections of our own judgments and expectations about ourselves) and to allow ourselves to be truly seen.

Unlike traditional telling of our stories, we will be asked to stop, drop in deeply and share from our heart and womb space. This feels different.

We will explore various ways to become present, get back into our bodies and connect on a deeper level.

As themes come up we will explore ways to engage with those themes in a loving and supportive way. Not all themes will be addressed, just those that feel in the best service to the group at the time.

Unlike many circles, we will not necessarily stay in the seated position throughout. Embodiment is a lost art for many of us, including myself, and finding ways to interact with our stories can be very powerful.

This is an evolving space. A place for us to come together to share our wisdom, to be vulnerable in safety and to play :)

This group is held biweekly and is $45 per session or $80.00 for the month if you pay ahead. Depending on the number of participants, I may also be opening up a daytime group. Think of it as a mind massage!

My name is Michelle and I have been leading groups for about 20 years as a drama teacher, director, trainer, therapist and coach. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist trained in Drama Therapy (although I will not be acting in that capacity during this particular group), an Empowered Relationships Guide and a Transformational Coach.

I believe in the power of being witnessed, the power of authentic expression and the joy of connection. I thrive when supporting other women to play with their stories through enactment, embodiment, creative expression, healthy risk taking and playing supportive roles for others.

It is time for us to rise! Time for us to shed the snakeskin of limiting beliefs, social conditioning and the "rules" that we consciously or unconsciously adopted that are now interfering with us living our most deeply joyful, loving, passionate and powerful lives.

Come join me in creating a sacred space for women.

Wear comfortable clothing and adorn yourself as you wish (It can be very fun to play with what you wear to the group. It can be your Goddess best, express your sexy self, or be comfy casual. Totally up to you).

Water, tea and coffee is provided. Please bring light snacks to share if you wish - for grounding after the group.