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The Art & Science of Hand Analysis

Join me in experiencing the Art and Science of Hand Analysis. All genders are welcome.

Discover what your hands reveal about your inherent gifts. Understand your strengths in relationship to your challenges. Feel into a deeply authentic way of being uniquely and truly YOU.

Open to the possibility of experiencing more flow, understanding the root of persistent challenges and making lasting joyful change.

Your hands may point you to your best next step OR an antidote to a specific challenge you've been experiencing OR perhaps validation in response to a question you've been pondering.

All come away with a genuine smile, feeling acknowledged and seen, deeper self understanding, and, oftentimes, a clearer sense of direction.

Our 3-hour gathering begins with a sacred grounding ritual. We then get into understanding of how hand analysis works and what are the possibilities. As we journey through the room, each participant receives a personalized message.

The Universe is a powerful, intelligent force. Those that come together to form your particular group, do so for an energetic purpose. Everything that is unveiled in the circle feeds the entire circle, not just the one being read. Very mystical!

And, like in Vegas - everything that is revealed in Circle, stays in Circle.

Save your seat by registering now. Your presence and participation are vital. Connecting with your essential truth awaits. You are welcome. You belong.