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The Fresh Inspiration Show

The Fresh Inspiration Show has been touring all over from Las Vegas, Arizona and throughout California. The next stop is in Sebastopol, CA Thursday May 9th, with the IASO Wellness Center as our Sponsor. The Fresh Inspiration Show picked the IASO Wellness Center because of their unique brilliant founders who are scientists/geophysicist. The center is located in the heart of Downtown Santa Rosa, CA. Their offerings Reboot your Life Programs and Unique Energetic Modalities.

This show brings out of town superstar speakers that come to support community through motivational talks and networking.

You do not want to miss this unique night with The Fresh Inspiration Show. Also, this LIVE show is professionally videoed and is released as a thirty minute international show on Apple TV.

The Fresh Inspiration Show Tour is known for inspiring on how to's to break through the day to day muck and live in authenticity as you create more business and lifestyle that is created by you. Below are the talented speakers and authors that are going to be in your local community;

  • Nicole DeAvilla - Author of "2 Minute Yoga" and "PRACTICE - Wisdom of The Downward Dog", as a speaker and yoga leader and known throughout the United States and in the yoga industry for over 30 years.

  • Lucas Roy Lehman - International speaker, trainer and bestselling author of "7 Principles of Sex & Money & Power" will show you how to increase your personal power--that is, your ability to manifest your desires with ease.

  • Rhonda Liebig - Bestselling author of The FITT Solution and 14 Days to a Flat Belly is an Energy Revitalizer & Mindset Mentor and founder of The Fresh Inspiration Show. Rhonda has been in the health industry for 20 years and is known to have "Insightful Solutions for your Desirable Results"

  • Teresa Campos- Spiritual Warrior and known for Your Life's Design (TM) and the bestselling author, "Braving The Self" will share insights into the deep-rooted impulses that negatively impede desires. "Awaken Who You Are Here to BE"

  • Dianna Nash - Author of, "Author of A Piece of Man is Better Than No Man (All The Things My Mommy Didn’t Tell Me). Dianna is known as "Your Hope and Joy Coach to Discovering Your Healthy Relationship Path."

Want to be in the audience and share your experience? Then make sure that Shane captures who you are and your business as you share your experience with our viewers. You may even make it on our international show! Yowzzaaa! Now you can share with your friends that you are going to The Fresh Inspiration Show Global, for those who have location restraints and they will be able to catch show once released.

Tickets: $20

TO REGISTER and for more information about The Fresh Inspiration Show and Its Beginnings, CLICK HERE!