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Fundamentals of EFT Tapping

Learn an empowering self-healing tool of tapping on the meridians to re-wire and reframe core limiting beliefs. Each week will cover different themes including:

Foundational principles of EFT as well as themes exploring Body Wellness, Life Purpose, Love & Relationships & Money.

Each class will cover the basics of EFT and how to apply it to your personal and professional life. There will be lots of time for demos and addressing specific situations, concerns and memories. You'll leave knowing how to give yourself an EFT session and be able to help others with ease.

About the teachers: Michael has been an advanced-level EFT practitioner for the last 8 years with over 500 hours of training experience. Meredith is a women's empowerment coach and EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner.

Our greatest joy is to create a space of unconditional acceptance to support you to live free from fear to rise in your unique brilliance.

Learn more about Michael: and Meredith:

First class on Thursday, January 31st is by donation
Then Beginning in February we will meet 4 weeks in a row on Mondays:
$60 for the whole series or $20 per class

To save your space for the whole series follow this link: