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Masterminding Through an Artistic Lens

We are thrilled to announce a unique event that will bring Entrepreneurs together, along with a creative energy that will be sure to bring amazing and innovative ideas to the surface!

As an entrepreneur, journal writing should be an important part of your day. Getting in the habit of writing down what you are grateful for, as well as all the wonderful, positive things that happened each day, will help you focus on the positive. It’s hard being a business owner! Oftentimes we tend to focus on our challenges, rather than our ‘wins’. Finding the positive lessons, and being grateful, is the key to success in business, and in life!

Did you know that when you are creating (drawing, doodling, coloring, etc.), there is an increase in blood flow to parts of the brain that stimulate your thoughts, help with focus, and memory?

You will walk away with a beautiful journal that you created, while masterminding business ideas with your peers. This will be sure to manifest wonderful things for you in 2019!

$40 includes all supplies, coffee, tea MUST REGISTER!