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Finding Your Hidden Pleasure ~ 3 Ways Your Wounds are Blocking Your Ability to Make a Difference in the World  

A live talk with Vanessa Jade:

All funds raised will be donated to “She Is Rising”, a non-profit that is a global healing community for women and girls overcoming gender violence and sex trafficking.

 Here’s why doing this fundraiser is so important to me:


Some years ago, in the throes of grieving the end of my marriage, memories of extreme abuse from my childhood started to emerge and for the first time I understood where the mysterious feelings of shame and self-judgment came from that I had carried for so long.

There was a time in my early adult life when, no matter what I was doing – working my job or hanging out with friends – I carried a heaviness inside. I distracted myself with a highflying career, full-on social life and travel, but inside I felt numb, as if nothing could truly inspire or enamor me.

Looking back I see that I didn’t really know what I wanted or who I was and I found it hard to stay focused on creative projects, often losing steam part way through.


Getting to the root of my suffering was an ordeal

After a decade of this lifestyle, I started to suffer from chronic headaches and fatigue and I made a dramatic career change into the Healing Arts. Even though I’d claimed my role as a healer and my work was more aligned with my calling, I still felt unsettled and scattered. It would be some time before I got to the root of my suffering and unearthed the memories of extreme abuse I’d endured as a child.


Parts of myself were trapped in time

I embarked on an intensive healing journey with the help of several powerful mentors including Alchemical Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, Reiki, Intentional Creativity and Qi Gong.

There were difficult days when I struggled to come to terms with what had happened to me. But through regular support to transform the trauma and reclaim the parts of myself that got trapped in time during the abuse, I noticed changes. I gradually started to feel more alive, inspired and able to find joy in everyday things like playing with my kids or spending time in nature and pursuing my sacred calling to help other women heal from their trauma.


Do you find yourself going through the motions, cut off from joy and desperately wanting to feel energized by the simple pleasures in life again, but can’t get there fast enough on your own?


You might be feeling frustrated, because after all the work you’ve done on yourself you expect to be past getting stuck by now. Or perhaps your soul is pushing you to go deeper, to be of even more service and you find that you’re getting knocked down by body pain, colds and other physical issues. 

You may find that making choices can be excruciating, like what to wear, what to choose off the menu or what font to use on your business cards.


If you’re already established in your calling you may be stuck getting to the next level:

  • You want to make the phone call to take on the next bigger project, but inside you are lost in fear and doubt telling yourself it’s somehow too risky, even though you know you can do it.

  • You are three chapters from finishing your book or another project that comes from your heart, yet you feel paralyzed to complete it for some unidentified reason.

  • You know people are waiting and even reaching out to ask for the help you give, but you find ways of delaying and putting them off pretending you’re not ready yet.

Join me for a free live talk at Collective in Sebastopol on Tuesday September 25th at 7pm, “Finding Your Hidden Pleasure ~ 3 Reasons your Wounds are Blocking your Ability to Make a Difference in the World”

In this talk you’re going to see the exact relationship between the places you feel stuck, the ways you lack pleasure, and the wounding that may lie underneath.

You will come away with an understanding of the first steps you can take to move through your blocks, clear the way to your essential pleasure and free yourself to bring your gifts to the world.

 Please come and help support this very important organization.

Registration for this event is FREE but you must reserve your seat. Please honor your commitment to attend.


Suggested minimum donation for She Is Rising at time of the event is $10.