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Embracing Your Wild

Please join the Feminine Rising REvolution as we open up Collective for a 3-part series of events sure to be juicy, fun, deep and engaging.  

The day will look like:

  1. 10 am – 1:30 pm EMBRACE YOUR WILD BUSINESS workshop for conscious female entrepreneurs who would like to bring passion, intention, authenticity and powerful feminine practices into their business. Learn a bold new way to ignite your business for maximum impact and financial gain. Cost - $45

  2. 2:30 PM – 5 Pm RECLAIMING OUR WILD/ and HEALING OUR FEMININE WOUNDS Free talk about accessing the wild feminine as a healing tool while we navigate life and relationships post #me too# and a safe, open hearted space for women to come together and share from their hearts how they are feeling in the wake of the Kavanaugh Hearings.  Cost - Donation to help cover the space $11, $22 or $33

  3. 5:30pm – 8pm POTLUCK CONNECTIONS DINNER.  Bring a potluck item to share and your beautiful, bold and brilliant self!  Cost - FREE

Feel free to stay all day or come and go as your intuition guides you. 

Session 1) Are you a conscious female entrepreneur who has done your inner work but continues to find yourself “stuck”, unmotivated, tired, unclear, sinking back into old – ineffective business habits, feeling isolated or have you hit an income ceiling and you aren’t quite sure why?

Want to spend some time shaking things up, learning to access your inner wild feminine to spice up your business, take healthy risks, call in abundance and set clearer boundaries with clients? Or do you just want to spend some juicy time with other conscious women who are on the path of shining their brilliance upon the world?

Join me, Michelle Hardeman-Guptill, Transformational Business Breakthrough Coach at Feminine Rising Revolution, for a one-day delightful experience where we get to call out our inner wild feminie to play in service of our businesses. 

In this 3 hr workshop we will look at:

- Where you are currently at in your business

- Where you want to be

- What is getting in your way 

- And how your wild feminine can positively support the creative journey between your now and the future you want for your business. 

As women, we need to be in our bodies as we express our challenges, our joys and our successes. It is just our way. Being in groups is like breathing for us and the days of sitting in chairs, listening to long drawn out lectures and filling worksheets is over!

We have collective wisdom to share with one another. We have access to the incredible gift of intuition both our own and the collective. We have power in our creative, sexual energy as a magnetizer for our businesses, relationships and our lives in general (note if that makes you uncomfortable! It is not what you think). It is time for us to claim our voices and support each other as we rise!

Session 2) We also need a safe space to access our anger and our pain, share our hearts and effectively use that anger to create change, rather than more chaos.  

  • Learn how the wild feminine can be a catalyst for change through intuition, magnetizing, catalyzing and truth telling.

  • Learn some tools for dropping out of story and into the wisdom of the heart and womb.

  • Dance with other women to release the anger and pain through our bodies rather than storing it there, which can cause all kinds of ailments, diseases and physical pain.

  • Practice holding exercises that you can use in groups and with your friends to help hold them through their pain and anger.

Session 3) Bring a potluck item to share for dinner as we connect and get to know each other.  



Michelle has been working with youth and adults to break through self-imposed limitations, trauma, limiting beliefs and old story patterns to create lives of freedom, joy, power and acceptance for over 15 years. She utilizes dramatic play, improv, movement, lecture, introspective inquiry, art, guided meditation, somatic awareness and deep process. Michelle loves the magical way that every group member (even if they hardly participate) acts in-service to the group through their vulnerability, their courage, their transformations, their ability to witness others, and their personal wisdom. As a highly skilled group facilitator for transformation, Michelle is able to create a safe and expansive space for exploration and EVERYTHING, is an invitation rather than a requirement.


Whether you are staying the entire day or coming to one part of the event, please bring snacks, a journal, comfortable clothing and your amazing self! I will be at Collective from 9am until 9pm.  Feel free to stop by and chat.  I look forward to meeting you!


Due to the short notice for changing the event structure – please respond below with a “going” and send me a conformation email at so that I can create a headcount.  Please also indicate what parts of the day you will be attending.  


Please pay ahead of time for the sessions that you would like to attend (except for dinner of course).  Prices are listed above. You can pay via paypal or venmo using or the name Michelle Hardeman-Guptill.  Paying at the space itself takes time away from the event so please be conscientious of this.  No one will be turned away if they did not pay ahead of time, I just want to respect everyone’s time.  Thank you for your understanding!


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