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Negotiate Like a Lady

I've been asked, "Why is it called 'Negotiate Like a LADY'? Lady doesn't sound POWERFUL." To me, a lady is the essence of power. The term comes from the aristocracy of days gone by. A Lady was a title bestowed upon women of power and influence. Women who bore the title of Lady were held to higher standards and used their power for the betterment of those around them. I use the term Lady to mean strong, powerful, revered, and authentic women. A woman that holds herself to the standards of a Lady is a force to be reckoned with, and a woman with whom I want to do business.

-Jennifer Goldsmith

In this one-day basic negotiation workshop, we will delve into the different types of negotiating strategies, the differences between common types of negotiators, and some techniques for creating win-win-win scenarios. This class will be facilitated by a licensed California attorney with over 10 years of negotiation experience in high pressure situations. This course will be geared towards some of the common concerns faced by women in negotiations and taught from that perspective. Many times, we face different challenges (both internally and externally) in negotiations than our male counterparts. This course is the stepping stone for women to embrace how to Negotiate Like A Lady!

See what previous attendees have said about this course!

"This event was incredibly well done. The day flew by because we had an interesting agenda of learning and activities. I feel it greatly helped me boost my confidence and the next day I was able to ask directly for something I was nervous to go for in a negotiation- and I got it!

Jennifer S Goldsmith is well spoken and she truly went to extra mile to make this workshop both rewarding and fun. I am excited to work with her more in the future and attend the next event!" - Hope Desroches

"Before attending Jennifer Goldsmith’s Seminar I never though of myself as much of a negotiator. During her seminar I learned that I already have a negotiating skill set. Knowing this, and through her guidance during the seminar, I am now able to sharpen those skills. I’m now excited to step into a situation and be a more effective communicator and negotiate to my advantage. Thank you Jennifer!" - Jaya King

Admission: $97

Later Event: October 20
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